Tips on Choosing Fashion Jewelry


Fashionable women use jewelry for a variety of reasons. There are items that they allot for daily activities, while they assign some pieces for very special occasions only. Some jewelry items are so versatile that they may be used for different looks. These accessories fit almost every occasion while being suitable for daily wear as well. The best example of this is perhaps the pearl necklace, which is a classic piece that goes well with any fashion style, whether casual or formal.

A woman who wants to cover all bases must endeavor to fill her jewelry box with the most basic jewelry pieces. Drawer essentials include pearl stud earrings, diamond stud earrings, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, and a pair of fun and casual earrings. Aside from the quintessential pearl necklace, it is important to have a statement necklace that has a neutral look, as well as a diamond pendant necklace for more formal events. Other items that must be in the list are a cocktail ring, a chain bracelet, and a metal wristwatch. These pieces need not be expensive. Some very good accessories can be sourced from wholesale fashion jewelry sale events.

Aside from the basics, a woman who wants to be recognized as fashion savvy by her friends and colleagues must keep abreast with fashion trends. There is always something new that comes out is considered more fashionable than the last hot trend. It is important to be open to new things and to make the most of the creative outputs of fashion designers. These days, fashion jewelry is quite affordable. A woman who has a regular job does not need to spend too much money on the different pieces that they need. There are so many different styles to choose from and a woman can easily find the missing piece that completes her outfit.

If you want to embrace fashion jewelry to the fullest, here are some useful tips. In choosing jewelry that you will feel proud and confident to wear, here are some helpful guidelines.

First, do not be afraid of loud colorful pieces. Bright glass drop earrings, beaded bracelets, huge gemstone rings, and over sized pendants in bright colors can enhance modern clothing. A well-chosen piece lends a lot of personality to an already fashionable get-up.

Second, do not be afraid to capitalize on your individuality. Because of the huge variety of items available these days, it is possible to find unique statement pieces that reflect the wearer’s likes and preferences. If you like to project a modern look with a vintage twist, then you only have to find pieces that are inspired by past decades. Do a cursory search of fashion accessories that were popular in the 1920s, 1950s, 1970s or the 1980s perhaps. There are plenty of jewelry collections that you can browse online. In a short time, you will find the perfect accessory that you need to complete a look that you plan to bring to an important occasion.

Lastly, be open to experimentation but stick with choices that you are comfortable with. This is how you develop your own personal style.


Enhance Your Style


Fashion Jewelry can enhance your personal style while adding numerous options to your wardrobe. To start with your jewelry collection, invest in a personal statement piece. This could be a necklace or chain with a defined or large pendant or a multi-strand necklace. You can then add bracelets or earrings of your choice to complement the outfit. Today’s style allows for mixing and matching of different colors and style of jewelry; “sets” of jewelry with complete necklaces, earrings and bracelets are not necessary for your collection. They are good pieces to mix and match with other jewelry you may have.

The best pieces of jewelry are those that can coordinate with several different outfits. Chains can be worn by themselves or with multiple slides that can be taken on and off as your outfits warrant. Some long necklaces can be draped in two or three strands that can completely change the look of an outfit. Even longer necklaces can be used as a waist-defining belt to dress up a hip-length sweater or blouse.

Pairing necklaces with earrings can be as simple as putting on simple hoops or a color that coordinates with your outfit. You should avoid pairing large earrings with a large statement piece as that will detract from your style. Smaller, simple earrings look best with large necklaces, and likewise, smaller necklaces can be paired nicely with larger earrings.

In addition to defined necklaces, bracelets are again gaining popularity as statement pieces. You can select a bold bracelet or wear several smaller diameter bracelets as one piece. Many fashion experts also are mixing both silver and gold for more versatility. This is especially true with rings, even gold, silver and platinum wedding rings.

The old adage that you should take off one piece of jewelry before leaving the house is that old. If you think you’re wearing too much jewelry, all you may need to do is change into a few more simpler pieces to draw more attention to the statement piece you want to which you want to focus attention.

Do not forget that watches also add to your jewelry style. You can mix smaller bracelets with a simple watch. A large face or colorful band can count as a statement piece. Using your fashion jewelry to accent your outfit is a matter of personal taste but can change a simple outfit into a magazine quality ensemble.


Fashion Jewelry Variety


The wholesale fashion jewelry has altered its character elegantly since ages. Dealers now days offer ample number of intricate creations to their customers. Traditionally various kinds of materials were used by them to make finest ornaments. Plastic was used to make costume ornaments, art gallery was prepared with Murano glass, white and colored shells were basic for beaches and lapidary was the staple material for semi precious charms. These were the looks for earlier times which have now altered into a new direction with changing scenario.

Jewels today are designed intricately with unique patterns. They incorporate both natural materials and man-made thoughts and skills. It is only because of expert designers that girls are able to buy top notch designs for themselves. To cater preferences of all class of ladies, various kinds of components are used to make these pieces. The top ranking among all available options is Gems. These are used for crafting both formal and casual ornaments. Artistic as well as traditional chunks are prepared with gems. Their popularity has been increased to a much extended level as these inherit a unique elegance in themselves which can amaze anyone.

Inclusion of gems in wholesale fashion jewelry is one such activity which is done on large scale. This is because almost all women are inclined towards such charms. The best fact of these trinkets is that they can be worn on any event. Moreover, they are instilled with crisp dazzle and sparkling shine which makes ornaments created with them truly glittering. The shiny luster possessed by these stones can be obtained in varied types of colors like red, blue, green, pink, yellow and much more. They add natural beauty to charms which is another crucial factor of making use of these sparkling stones in such ornaments.

Another most shimmering item used for preparing wholesale fashion jewelry is shells. Making ornaments from these pieces is among traditional forms. Earlier only white colored shells were used for making charms that can truly enhance one’s beauty. With changing scenario all their means have altered and now trendiest chunks are crafted with shells of varied colors. Vibrant colors of yellow, orange, fuchsia and lime have been used to make these pieces. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and almost all other accessories can be made with them for a more casual wear. They personify natural and more realistic creations which can be worn by all ladies.

Beads are other fashionable units which are used for making tantalizing trinkets. They are as lustrous as gems and possess their own elegance. Each design prepared with them is a masterpiece which can be worn both casually and formally. Abundance of wholesale fashion jewelry is crafted with swirl colors, silver foils, and suspended gold and other sparkling metals. All these are used along with colorful beads to make amazing, sophisticated trinkets. A combination of all three materials can be used to craft splendid pieces. Best fact about all such jewels is that they can be bought at affordable rates from any online store.


Fashion Jewelry Trends


Purchasing new fashion jewelry and other fashion accessories for your collection, is an inexpensive and fun way to revamp your wardrobe for Summer 2016. It is great to know that there are some fabulous, fashion-forward, jewelry trends that can take a basic maxi dress, or, tank from plain to INSANE! It is even greater to know that fashionable, budget-friendly online boutiques are more than happy to provide an interactive, personalized shopping experience from the comfort of your home.

Here are a few Summer 2016 Jewelry Trends :

  • Ultra-Ornamented Pieces
    Look for necklaces that are bib and lariat styled. If you are lucky enough to find a fashion necklace that encompasses your entire neckline, you have hit the jackpot! Pair these bold, statement pieces with strapless dresses, or, tops. If you aren’t a fan of the strapless look, find clothing items with plunging necklines to show off your statement necklaces and add a camisole underneath if the neckline is too revealing. Contrary to what some experts may think, pricey does not always mean better looking; there are so many options in fashion jewelry and semi-precious accessories that are more striking in appearance than their luxury counterparts. You can also look for necklaces in the bib or, lariat style made from semi-precious and man-made stones. If you find jewelry made from coral, turquoise, agate and simulated stones, and the price is in your budget, pick them up. You may even come across pieces that look like “neck candy”, made form shimmering rhinestones, crystal and acrylic in deep, saturated colors! These pieces will be fabulous fashion accessories for those simple cocktail gowns for summer weddings.
  • Tribal and Natural Jewelry
    This trend seems to be a constant year-round. You can save money by purchasing pieces that will look great with your leather blazers in the Fall. These pieces will also be made from natural and man-made stones. Also, look for fashion jewelry pieces made from natural wood, horn, husk and any natural material. For extra pizzazz, purchase multiple bangles, and stack them on one arm, or, both.
  • Textured and Fabric Jewelry
    This summer, look for fashion jewelry that is made from newspaper print motifs that may be in the form of enameled accessories. Keep your eyes open for thread-design necklaces and especially earrings. Another huge trend in jewelry that falls under the “textured and fabric category”, are pieces made of beautiful peacock and rainbow-colored feathers; these accessories look very chic with simple tees and ponytails. You may also find bangles that are covered in chic and unique fabric. You can even add hammered metal pieces to wear with your cool, linen slacks and jackets for the office.
  • Vintage-Inspired
    Last, but, certainly not least…look for vintage, or, if you aren’t able to find authentic vintage accessories, look for pieces that are vintage-inspired. These will be your brooches, cameo motif earrings and necklaces, and jewelry that has the rose-gold, or, antique-gold look. A good rule of thumb here is, if it reminds you of your grandmother’s jewelry in a fashion-forward way, it will be a fabulous piece of fashion jewelry to add to your summer 2016 collection.

There are few set rules to follow to be able to rock these jewelry trends in style; just find pieces that are inspired by the trends discussed above. Follow your own style, budget and heart and you will always find those ultra-chic, fashion jewelry pieces perfect for you.


Where is Better Fine and Fashion Jewelry


Both the online and offline stores are inundated with beautiful and eye-catching pieces of fine and fashion jewelry. Given the rising prices of designer fashion jewelry, it often becomes difficult for a layperson to tell the difference between the two.

Following is a guide for distinguishing between fine jewelry and its fashion counterparts:

Fine Jewelry

This is authentic jewels that women have been buying and wearing since time immemorial. It is made of precious materials like gold, platinum, sterling silver and gemstones and has a much longer lifespan than the fashion jewelry items. The rich and famous love to have fine ornaments customized as personalized jewelry with their initials, name or even a special date/message engraved on it.

There are specific guidelines for a piece of jewelry to fit the fine category – like the gold should be 10 carats or higher and the gemstones should be natural only. For this purpose, cultured pearls are categorized as equivalent to natural pearls. But lab-created diamonds, manufactured gemstones or fresh water pearls cannot be considered fine jewelry. In fact, if a gold or platinum ornament is inset with manufactured stones or vice versa, they will not be considered as fine jewelry.

Fashion Jewelry

Also known as costume jewelry, this is made of relatively inexpensive and mass-produced materials like brass, nickel or even copper. The trendy pieces may have a coating, filling, rolling or dipping of a precious metal or may just be painted to resemble a gold or silver finish.

In fact, fashion jewelry makers often copy authentic ornaments to produce exact imitation pieces at a fraction of the price. The appearance and making is such that it can often be difficult to tell a fashion piece apart from a fine one. But all you have to do is scratch the surface and the truth will be clear for all to see. You also have to be careful while using costume jewelry as any contact with fluids or even moisture can spoil the shine and polish of the trinkets.

You may be wondering why some pieces of fashion jewelry are very expensive, sometimes almost equivalent to fine jewelry. This is because popular designer houses like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Michael Kors are designing and manufacturing stylish pieces of fashion jewelry that are much sought-after by the public. The popularity and quality of the designer label is responsible for the relatively high prices.

It follows that fine jewelry pieces are always expensive and considered a worthy investment that will appreciate in value. They are stored safely and often handed down from generation to generation until they become heirlooms. On the other hand, fashion jewelry is basically considered as baubles that can be bought and worn for temporary pleasure. Authentic jewelry is often custom-made to suit the buyer’s needs and tastes and can even take the tone of personalized jewelry.

Now that you are aware of the basic differences between fine and costume jewelry, shop carefully and do not let a fashion jewelry maker con you into paying the price of a fine ornament.